I have not been updating my blog regularly as I have been working on a ‘secret’ project. And since the project is no longer  a secret… I can tell you about it now…! Haha! 🙂

Lunch Actually is launching in Hong Kong soon! Yes, my dear readers who are based in HK and have been bugging me to open a branch there… I have been listening to you. And our office will be opening its door in the very near future. I am actually sitting in a cafe in Central, typing this blog entry. The weather has just turned cold today, again. I enjoy this sort of weather actually. Just that I really should have brought my jacket out this morning. But I ‘intelligently’ decided against it. Oh well…

I have been having lots of fun meeting lots of nice Hong Kongers in the past few days. And they are all really excited about our launch. In my profession, you will always have people approaching you at Networking Events, once they know what you do. 😉

So, if you are in HK, or have single friends in HK who would like to be informed about our launch, drop me a line now!