cigonifeIt all started with the “36 questions”. Jamie and I were driving back from San Jose to San Francisco. Still suffering from jet lag, i was getting increasingly sleepy. We decided to answer the ’36 Questions’ to help me keep awake. One of the questions was – “If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why?” I realised that there was not much that I would really change about how I would live my life. But one thing came to mind – I would definitely write more. I kept a written journal while growing up. And as technology advanced, I kept a blog. Heck, I even learned HTML just so that I could start a blog. I blogged for a while, but as work and life caught up, blogging has turned into a monthly and now (yikes!) an annual affair when I write my Annual Report – a recap of the year that has passed. I no longer find time to write, other than updating my FB statuses. So I thought… maybe I should take up writing again. To document my life. To destress and unload. To share my lessons learnt. If you like to read what I have to share, bookmark my blog and do check in now and then. 🙂