The school holidays are here!

I used to dread school holidays as I will not know what to do with two kids with endless and boundless energy!

Since I have embarked on the homelearning journey, I am actually looking forward to school holidays! Haha! They spend more time at home, and hence I have more time to do homelearning with them!

Our days are actually quite unstructured. I started out thinking that I should have a timetable i.e. we do this here, and do that there. However, since I have accumulated quite a number of learning tools, I will just let them choose what they would like to do, and we will learn together.

This morning, Cara wanted to do her numbers. She actually likes numbers more than Corum at this age (3+). She took out her mini white board, and started putting the magnetic numbers (that I bought from Daiso) on the board. And then we did some counting by putting the right number of magnets under each number.

After that, I also wrote down the Chinese Characters for each number, so she gets familiar with the Chinese Words for each number. She is very comfortable with counting 1-10 in both English and Chinese now.

After that, she wanted to do her puzzles. So, we started to work on that together. She gets every excited whenever she finishes each puzzle. And we would high-five each other.

For Corum, he woke up slightly later today. While Cara is working on her puzzles, I went through word blending with him using my newly arrived Jolly Phonics Word Cards (bought from

Now, they are playing with their train set and making up Thomas and Friends stories as they go along, with Jolly Phonics CD (also from playing in the background.

After another day of great homelearning, I am now getting ready and heading off to work! 🙂