Corum and I have started on our Science Curriculum from Sonlight. We are kicking off with SPACE.

However, yesterday, we were playing with one of the File Folder Games that I have made for him using the printables from File Folder Game – Sink or Float. And we squeezed in some time for some science experiments! 🙂

The game itself is quite simple. There are 12 items that the child would have to sort out. Does it sink or does it float? Corum managed to sort out most of them quite easily. There were 3 that he was not too sure about.

1) Paper Clip

2) Ice Cube

3) Bottle Cork

So, we went about the house to look for these items. We did not manage to find a bottle cork unfortunately. Have asked our helper to keep one for us the next time someone pops open a wine or champagne.

So, off he went putting  a paper clip and an ice cube into the water, and he got his answers! He found the experiments really fun, and kept asking for more science experiments.

Haha! I am sure he’s going to love the ‘Mind Blowing Science’ Holiday Camp that we will be sending him to during the June Holidays! 🙂