Recently, Jamie and I have come across the story of little Charmaine. We are both very touched by her story and have decided to do our small part to help by donating in our personal capacity as well as sharing her story with others in hope of helping her get more donation.

Charmaine has been diagonsed with 4th stage of neuroblastoma, a debilitating cancer that occurs in children and has been given a 10% chance of survival by her doctors in Singapore.

Help Little Charmaine!

To increase her chances of survival, her mum Cynthia is raising money to send her to US for treatment. A new trial drug by the name of 3F8, available in the United States, has been known to dramatically increase survival rates by up to five times. However, it comes with a hefty S$500,000 price tag – a big sum for Cynthia who is a single mother with two children. She has also recently quit her job to look after Charmaine.

As parents, we understand how heartwrenching it is for Cynthia. We admire her fighting spirit, and hence in our small ways, we want to support them in their fight.

If you do too, please visit her website to find out how you could help. Thank you in advance!