A few weeks ago, Jamie and I went to watch Twilight at the cinema.

Ironically, it was Jamie who suggested that we watched it because so many of our female friends have been swooning about how the main character (Note: Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson) is the ‘perfect guy’. So being the analytical person he is, he wanted to know why they thought he was ‘perfect’.

And so, the show began.

At the end of the show, I told Jamie… “I would have enjoyed the show a lot more if I did not watch it with you!” Haha… you know why?

He was just like making faces at me throughout the show. Luckily he was the one who suggested we watched it, if not I will never hear the end of it! Haha… the expressions that he was pulling were of, “Omigosh, I cannot believe that we are actually watching this!”

After he has gotten over his trauma, we started to analyze the show. And we deduced that the reason that women are so crazy about the show, or more so the main character is because…

1.       He’s tall, dark (or in this case fair), and handsome.

2.       He’s mysterious.

3.       He’s strong. Yes, so strong that he can just block a truck coming your way at 100km/h with one hand.

4.       He is a superhero. He has amazing speed. He can climb trees, and he can show you the most amazing sights.

5.       He’s sensitive. He reads. He’s intellectual. You look into his eyes, and you can look into his soul.

6.       He’s always there. Lurking in the shadows to make sure that you are safe. And he would even sneak into your room just to watch you sleep.

7.       He will do anything for you. Even it means sacrificing his own life.

Ladies, if you have anything else to add to the above list, please feel free to do so. J

Jamie being ever the realist said, “Hey, do you think the girl (Note: Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart) will still think it was sweet if he was short, fat and ugly? She probably would think that he’s some weird stalker! “

Haha! J

Anyway, since I am a girl, the show worked for me. I mean the author of the book got the characters and the plot right. She knew what would tug at a girl’s heartstring. And the casting people did a good job as well.

Did you know that the Twilight series are actually located at the ‘Teen Romance’ section of the bookshop? But after the movie, women in their 20s and 30s flocked to bookstores to get the books, and the bookstores actually did not expect this surge of demand!

On the other hand, from a professional point of view, I am quite concerned of the effect of such a story/movie having on our society or maybe girls in general.

The truth is… guys who are tall, dark/fair and handsome usually have more attention from the girls than they can handle. And as a result, some of them end of with this sense of ‘entitlement’. Their mindset is… “Only the most beautiful girl can be my girlfriend.” As for the alpha male… guys who are strong and powerful… chances are they would not be a SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy). Think Russell Crowe. And men who have a sensitive soul , men who would do anything to please a girl… these are men that many women would label as soft and total pushovers. In other words, guys that women are generally not attracted to.

Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed the show. And yes, he’s cute! J But I sure hope that our teenage girls are not in the process of being brainwashed to think that the world is full of men like that. And men who are otherwise just cannot cut it.

What are your thoughts? J I would especially love to hear from the guys!