Hello! 🙂

Thought that I have left the last poll up for too long…! Well I did get more than 300 replies for you guys, and the verdict is… the biggest first date put off is if your date complains about everything under the sun. So, even though we can’t resist a good b***hing session once in a while, the first date is definitely not the place and time! 

As Christmas is just around the corner, thought it would be fun to have a more ‘Christmasy’ survey… go vote now!

Love, Violet

P/S I met up with the beautiful and talented VJ/model/host/actress Choy Wan today! And she’s super friendly and down-to-earth! Not a prima donna at all… As for under what circumstances I met up with her, well I can’t tell you until next Sunday… 😉 Meanwhile, stay tuned!