Results from the last poll!

The winner goes to Ms Girl Next Door who won 25% of the 107 votes. Ms Sexy & Naughty came in a close 2nd at 24%, followed by Ms Intelligent & Driven. Ms Sporty & Adventurous and Ms Charming & Charismatic took joint last place at 14%.

It has been quite an interesting poll actually, as Ms Intelligent & Driven was leading all the way. The tide started to turn after the 75 votes mark. Then Ms Girl Next Door started to catch up very rapidly. Out of nowhere, Ms Sexy & Naughty overtook Ms Intelligent & Driven! 🙂

My hubby said that the reason Ms Girl Next Door won is because… deep down, every man wants a girl who’s sweet, friendly, down to earth… who is not too complicated, not too political. Someone who will create a conducive environment at home. Hmm… so that means I am Ms Girl Next Door? 🙂 Hehe!

A new poll is up! In case you missed it… and this month’s poll is… What is the biggest first date turn off? Go Vote! 🙂