love magnifying glassIt was time to meet up with our financial consultant to review our insurance policies. Hence, hubby asked if I could help to locate the insurance file to bring along to the meeting. The funny thing was, for some reason, hubby thought that the documents were in a black file. So, he kept asking me to look for a black file. I searched high and low for that elusive black file. 20 minutes later, I still couldn't locate it. Was starting to get rather frustrated. For some reason, a white file on the shelf caught my eye, so I took it down. I opened the file, and voila! There were all our insurance policies!

I wanted to share this story with you because it occured to me that this is what is happening to many singles out there. We keep a checklist. We have a long list of criteria of what we are looking for. He must be taller than me. She must be beautiful and slim. He must be smart and earning a decent income. She must be intelligent yet not aggressive. He must have a sense of humour. She must know how to cook. And the list goes on. We set parameters in our mind on what we are looking for in our perfect partner. And hence, when someone does not seem to fit into the mould we are looking for, without even giving the person a second chance or glance, we swiftly move on.

Because we are so focused on 'what we think is the perfect one', we miss out on THE perfect one. Just like how I almost never found my file.

I am not saying, "Lower your standards!". I am not saying, "Don't have any parameters!" What I am saying is… be more open minded. When you have too many filters, you are limiting your chances. He might be 170cm when you wanted someone who's 175cm. But honestly, 5cm ain't not going to make a huge difference in the long run. He might not seem like the funniest guy in a crowd. But when you get to know him better, he might make you laugh with his corny jokes. She might not be Ms. Universe, but she has the biggest and most beautiful heart. She might not know how to cook, but both of you could bond through some gourmet cooking lessons!

I am glad I have located my file, by looking in the right places. I hope that by reassessing your criteria and parameters, you too will find your perfect someone soon.

Happy Dating! 🙂