In the last poll that I put up where 100 readers took part in, the results are as followed:

8% Attractive Looks

20% Good Character

31% Common Beliefs, Interests, Life Goals

8% Charismatic & Confident

14% Stable Career / Self-Motivated

19% Trustworthy (this answer was added by a reader)

From the results of the poll, it is evident that most of my readers when searching for a mate, they place more importance in the ‘inside’ than the ‘outside’ i.e. good character and trustworthiness rank higher than attractive looks.

And high on the list is of course sharing the similar beliefs, goals and interests. This is actually SO important, because only by having common beliefs, values, goals and even interests, you can grow as a couple. This will also be illustrated in my next instalment of ‘My Best Match’.

Stay tuned! 🙂