It’s currently 4:56am, and I am awake.

The reason? I am suffering from sore throat. Argh! I am one of those people who breathe through the mouth… so you can imagine how difficult it is to have a good night sleep when you just feel like tearing your tonsils out.

I even resorted to ‘taping’ up my mouth with scotch tape the last time I had a bad bout of sore throat. I know… desperate situation calls for desperate measures…

Anyway, I only have myself to blame for my current predicament. I know I really should not have overdone on the ‘tom yam’ soup. (For the benefit of those who have never had tom yam soup – it’s a spicy Thai soup made with prawns + other seafood and lemongrass. And yes, it’s super yummy!). But I just could not help it! I have been having this crazy craving for tom yam soup for the last 2 weeks.


Anybody know of any quick remedy to get rid of sore throat? Help!!!

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