Have not been blogging for the past few days as we have just returned to Singapore. I am beginning to notice a trend. I blog a lot more when I am in KL. Am not sure why…
Talking about something REALLY personal today… looked into the mirror recently, and realized that I have put on quite a bit of weight. And I am suffering from another breakout.
I become moody and grouchy when I look into the mirror and see that my face is red and blotchy. I am just one of those people who is not blessed with good genes, unlike Jamie who eats thrice my portions, who washes his face with cleaning foam like once a month. Don’t we just hate people like that? :p I watch what I eat, I take pains to clean my face, but, the results are often disastrous.
It frustrates me frankly.
But then, I have decided to work on my strengths and let go of my weaknesses. It is depressing to fight a losing battle. I have come to accept the fact that I will not be the slimmest person ever. Or neither will I ever have porcelain skin.
The only way for me to keep a size 8 figure (we are not really that ambitious here, I am happy with a size 8, not even aiming for a size 6) and to have clear skin is to eat ‘clean’ food i.e. healthy, non-fried, non-oily food which rule out most of my favourite dishes. It’s a trade-off really.
Slim figure + Clear skin vs. Good food + Favourite dishes
As you can see, favourite dishes have clearly won to date.
One of my 2006 resolutions is to lead a healthy lifestyle. To achieve my desired weight by the end of this year. Ironically, that’s also supposed to be my desired weight for last year.
The truth is, I believe I can achieve my objective if I prioritize it enough, and I want it enough. Do I want it enough? Or can I live for another year leading an unhealthy lifestyle, and living with some excess fats around my waist and hip, and a red and blotchy face?
Sighs. Life is full of difficult decisions sometimes.
To choose between a salad and a Char Koay Teow…
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