Having submitted my blog a month or so ago for the omy's Singapore Blog Awards 2010, I never thought that I would eventually emerge the winner of the 'Most Insightful Blog'! I have checked out the various nominees and eventually the finalists, and I thought that there were definitely many deserving bloggers who would win the award. Hence, when I knew I won, I was like 'Wow… am really blessed!' A big thank you to the organizer – omy.sg, the wonderful panel of judges, as well as all my readers who have been voting for me daily!

Having known that I have won was the FIRST surprise. Knowing what I have won was the SECOND surprise! And boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise! Not only we each receive an ASUS netbook, 10 of us are going on a sponsored trip to Hong Kong, courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board from 23 – 26 July. How generous is that!?!? Now, I understand why so many people turn into full time bloggers! 🙂

Pre-Departure Preparation:

To prepare us for our upcoming trip, omy organised a pre-departure briefing for us on Wednesday where I met up with the 9 other bloggers! 🙂 And today, finally, after putting the kids to bed, I have time to sit down and have a peek into the HK familiarization kit provided by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) after our meeting on Wednesday.

Love the tagline… Hong Kong. Live it. Love it! Especially the word 'LOVE', since I am a matchmaker after all. 😉

Was very happy to see what was inside!

I have been meaning to get a new luggage tag for my new luggage bag, but never found the time to do so.

Inside the paper bag, there was a big folder with all the information, a pen, and a leather luggage tag (which can also double up as a name card holder or a staff pass holder)!

After going "ooh and aah" over the luggage tag, I finally opened the red folder to devour the information provided! They have definitely provided us with lots of 'homework' to do! 😉

When you have a business to run and two kids in toll, what do you do? You start to think out of the box! And voila!

My iPhone to the rescue!

I was amazed to find so many apps based on the search keyword 'Hong Kong'. And some of these apps are actually developed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board!

Here is one of the apps I really like!

When you think of HK, what is the first thing that come to mind?

For me, it's great food! 🙂

HK Delicacies is one of the apps developed by HKTB. And it's divided into 4 different categories – Rice, Congee, Noodles and Rice Noodles. And they are dishes placed on a revolving table, which we see in Chinese restaurants. So on the app itself, you can rotate the table to choose the category you would like to view.

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite HK delicacies…

Yes, and it's none other than Cart Noodles, or better known as 車仔麺!

10 years ago, when I went to HK to visit my friend, she being the wonderful host she is, brought me to expensive restaurants to try out various cuisines e.g. Shanghainese, Japanese etc. And on the last day, she brought me to a simple, humble looking restaurant to try out Cart Noodles, and I declared it the best food I have tasted! She was like, "Aiyoh… I could have saved so much money if I knew earlier!" Haha! 🙂

Anyway, the app even shows you where you can go to try out all these various delicacies recommended by famous personalities in HK!

Looking at all these wonderful delicacies, I am wondering how many KGs I will be putting on when I am in Hong Kong! 🙂

Am really looking forward to see 'Fragrant Harbour' (香港) once again as this will be one of the first trips in a long time where I am in HK for pleasure and not just work!

Looking forward to catch up with all my friends too! So for those of you who are in HK right now, drop me a message if you are free to catch up between 23 – 26 July! 🙂

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