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There are two types of men out there:

1. The men who will marry

2. The confirmed bachelors

Smart women date only one type of men – the marrying type.

The Marrying Type

So what is the marrying type? This is the ideal type of man to date if your end goal is to get married, settle down, and start a family. 

Violet, so how do I identify and zoom in on the marrying type?

For some, it is easy to identify them. They always appear to be more responsible than their peers. They come across as dependable and reliable. They are filial and family oriented. They love kids.

However, sometimes it is not as easy to identify them. The marrying type is also someone who is tired of the whole singles life and is more than ready for a change.  He may feel as if he no longer has much in common with his single friends, and he’s tired of being alone all the time.

A man who is the marrying type will focus more and more on looking for real love and attraction rather than strictly on biological attraction.  What’s more, he will probably admit openly (although sometimes a bit reluctantly) that a serious relationship is desirable to him and perhaps even that he wants to get on with the experience of being a father.

The reasons for marriage change as men age. The younger men typical go for the traditional reasons – love and companionship. The men over 40, like women, have ‘biological clock’ as well. They realize that the years are passing them by, and they are not as fit as they used to be. As they still want to be young enough to play and teach their sons – play ball or ride a bicycle, they start to think about settling down.

Now that you have an idea how to identify the marrying type, I would like you to keep your eyes open for the confirmed bachelors, as these are the men that you want to avoid. However, sometimes they are well-disguised, and you may be tricked into thinking otherwise.

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