Last weekend was one hectic and busy weekend!

Received a call from Mediacorp on Labour Day i.e. Saturday morning that they would like to do a shoot for the Channel 8 Evening News with regards to the public now being able to search up to 2 marital records for free per year. To find out more about this latest initiative, click here.

Then on Sunday evening, I rushed to Caldecott Hill after a quick dinner with Jamie and our friends, for the filming of Singapore Talking Episode 4 – “Is Marriage for Me?”

I have always enjoyed talk shows as it is a free and easy format where the host and guest can interact with one another and exchange views on the topic at hand.

I was invited as a panel speaker to this particular episode as they would like to get my expert views on why there are more and more singles in Singapore despite the fact that up to 80% of singles polled indicated that they would like to get married. The other invited panelists were Vanessa Fernandez (better known as Vandetta), a 987FM DJ and John Ng, mediation consultant and author of “Dim Sum for the Family”. And the host is Ashraf Safdar, a banker with UBS.

As there were 1 host, 3 panel speakers, and only 27 minutes to work with, we were advised to be succinct and concise. 🙂

It is an interesting discussion as John and I are obviously pro-marriage, and Vanessa does not believe in the institution of marriage. Personally, I respect that some people do not want to get married for X, Y, Z reasons. Because at the end of the day, it is a very personal choice. And we cannot force them. Though we can try to persuade and coax them. 😉

I think another worrying trend is the people who really want to get married but are facing various challenges due to their profile or their dating preferences. Actually, unlike what many people think, these singles are not unattractive or ineligible.

I have highlighted some of these challenges on the show. I will post up the video link once it has been uploaded by Mediacorp.

Meanwhile, here are more photos…

Above: Getting some ‘touch up’ during the break.

Above: Having a chat with Ms. V during the break.

Above: Hmm, not a flattering shot… but oh well! 🙂

Above: And that’s the 4 of us… Vanessa, Violet, Ashraf & John!

So, what are your views? If you are not married, is marriage for you? Looking forward to hear your views!