Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Is your sweetheart already giving you hints of what she wants as her Valentine’s Day gift?

Or are you worried about how you are going to split yourself into two since Valentine’s Day also happens to fall on the first day of Chinese New Year!

Most guys I know usually do not look forward to this day. Why?

Probably because they have to buy expensive flowers and over-priced meals which one can get at half the price at any other day of the year. Instead of dreading another V-Day, why not celebrate V-Day with a twist this year?

Here are some alternative ideas to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day!

  1. Since Valentine’s Day also falls on the first day of Chinese New Year, take this opportunity to introduce your better half to your family and relatives, if you have not already done so. Trust me, to most women that would be a better gift than flowers, as it shows that you are serious about her. It is a form of affirmation of your love and commitment.
  2. Forget the overpriced and cliché Valentine’s Day Dinner set for two! Show off your culinary skills by cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Well, if you are not much of a cook, you can ‘da bao’ all her various favourite hawker fare, and give her a yummy surprise!
  3. Return to the scene where you first met or where you had your first date or even where you got engaged! Go back to where it all started! Sometimes we get so caught up in the mundane and routine day-to-day activities that we take each other for granted and forget what got us together in the first place.  This is a great way to go down memory lane and relive the memory.
  4. Volunteer together! Valentine’s Day is all about love, but it needs not be just about romantic love. Share the love this Valentine’s Day by going down to help out at the SPCA if both of you are pet lovers, and help out at the orphanage if you both love children. This is will definitely be more meaningful than splurging on yet another expensive meal.
  5. Write her a love letter. If you have watched Sex in the City: The Movie, you would know that women love to receive love letters. But unfortunately, in this day and age of emails and internet, one would be lucky to even receive a card. So, surprise her this year with a lengthy love letter documenting your love journey so far! And if you run out of ideas, you can always Google up “Love Letters of Great Men”.

Valentine’s Day needs not be a drag every year! Think out of the box, and inject some spontaneity and creativity, and I am sure you will sweep her off her feet!

Happy Dating!

Note: Article first appeared in New Man Malaysia Feb 2010