A soon-to-be colleague said to me yesterday… Happy Birthday in advance!

“How did you know my birthday is tomorrow?”

“I read your blog ma! Last year you went to National Museum right?”

Haha… it’s quite funny/scary how much personal info I reveal on my blog…

Ok, so anyway, today is my birthday! I turn 28! Hooray! 🙂 For some reason or other, I do not seem concern I am hitting the big 3 soon… maybe when I really hit it, it would provoke some sort of reaction… but the signs of aging are definitely showing. My metabolism rate has slowed down a lot and the crow lines are beginning to show. With my slow metabolism rate, I put on weight very easily. Saw myself on TV the other day… and was really aghast to see how much weight I have put on… Hence, have embarked on a healthy diet… wish me luck! 🙂

How did I celebrate my birthday?

Jamie and I decided to take the day off, and bring babe for a day out! It was pretty impromptu and spontaneous. We first went to Sim Lim Square where Jamie bought me my birthday present – an iPod nano! It’s gorgeous, and even as I am updating my blog, I can’t help but keep admiring it… (Yes, I am such a gadget chic)

We had lunch across the street where Corum met a little friend who is one day older than him. What a coincidence right?! But since they both can’t really talk to/with each other, his little friend went on his way soon after with his gramps.

Then, we decided to go to the Singapore Flyer. The taxi driver warned us that it is not open in the afternoon. But we thought what the heck… let’s just go take a look.

Singapore Flyer

And we ended up at a ‘Fish Spa’. Not sure if you have heard of it, but you basically have swarms of fishes swirling around your feet, and nibbling at your skin. It’s supposed to be good for blood circulation, people who have eczema problems etc. Me being the adventure junkie cajoled Jamie into trying it out. And it was definitely an unique experience. It’s not painful or anything. And after you conquer the initial weirdness of having fishes ‘biting’ you… it’s actually quite enjoyable. The good people at Kenko also helped us look after Corum while we got our ‘spa’ therapy.


Then, we head off to Vivocity where Corum had so much fun at the playground! It was such a lovely feeling seeing how much he enjoyed himself going up and down the big blue slide.


We capped off the evening with ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s. We had Brownie with Ice Cream to substitute for my birthday cake. And Corum gets to taste a small bit of Cookies & Cream. I love seeing his expression when he tastes new food… you can just see him relishing every single bite. 🙂

It’s been a wonderful day! Thanks to my dearest hubby for arranging everything.

And also thank you to all who have either SMSed, emailed, called, MSNed or wrote on my wall in Facebook to wish me Happy Birthday. Thank you for remembering my birthday. Am feeling truly blessed and contented and happy! 🙂