Have been reading a lot about errant taxi drivers in the Singapore newspapers in the last week or so… I think there must be some pretty dodgy taxi drivers out there… especially in my home country Malaysia… but I thought with all the bad press about taxi drivers, it warrants a writeup about 2 extremely nice taxi drivers that I have met… 🙂

Taxi Uncle #1

Brought my babe to United Square for his playgroup. When we were done, it was raining, and we hailed a cab. Told uncle that I lived quite nearby actually. Uncle said, “Don’t worry, near then near lo… money also ma…” When we reached home, uncle took the effort to reverse into the shelter. “Slowly, slowly, take your time. Money is yours then yours. Don’t worry!” “Check that you have everything hor! Don’t hurry!”

In my hurry, fumbling with the umbrella etc., I forgot to check thoroughly before I left the cab… and sure enough, I realised later that I have misplaced one of babe’s shoes! And it’s not any shoe… it’s the Osh Kosh shoes that his gong-gong and po-po bought him which cost $39…! (I would have never bought him such expensive shoes…, anyway…) Made a report to Lost & Found, but did not have high hopes.

Later in the night, found out from the domestic helper that Uncle actually came back and return babe’s shoes at about 5.30pm. I figured that he was changing shifts then. And he actually bothered to come back to return a shoe… I mean… wow! I am truly grateful to the uncle!

So, babe is back to wearing his Osh Kosh shoes again… hehe! 🙂

Taxi Uncle #2

After a long weekend, I took the cab to work. Was having a chat with the uncle about his work, his family etc. Very impressive, all his kids are graduates. And he was sharing with me his work motto etc.

As we approach the destination, I realised… oops! I did not have enough cash in my wallet… spent all my cash over the weekend, and did not have an opportunity to withdraw money from the ATM.

Then I said, “Oh no uncle… I do not have enough money to pay you… I give you everything that I have ok?” Then he said, “Aiyah, it’s ok. Money is not everything. You just give me whatever you have lo.” I think I paid him almost $2 short. Considering the cab fare was $7, that’s close to 30% of the fare…

So nice of him right? Did not grumble or complain or scold me. 🙂 Lesson learnt… must check my wallet before I leave the house. 🙂

So, even though there are many errant cab drivers out there, there are many that are very nice too! 🙂

What about you? Do you have any stories of your encounters with cab drivers to share? 🙂