Wow, we are coming to the end of October. That was quick! I can still remember that the same time last month I was at the Big Apple! 🙂

Am feeling quite tired at the moment actually. This weekend is my Workshop Weekend! 🙂 I have been conducting Workshops on average about once every 2 months. Even though I am flat out, but I am happy. Am happy to be able to impart some of my knowledge and experience to people out there who are looking for their special someone. And the testimonials that I have received from the participants are definitely very encouraging and heartening. 🙂 Here are what some of them have written. 🙂

“I think Violet is very clear and practical in her presentation of the topic, and she also adds in generous dose of humour to lighten the mood. I also learned some interesting things about relationships that I never head about. The seminar made me realise that one must take a pro-active approach in kick-starting any dating process.”

“Having been out of the dating and relationship scene for so many years. his seminar is very informational and provided many insights to the things to look out for in order to be successful, pitfalls to avoid in the dating scene. Will definitely try to apply what I have learnt over the past 1.5 days and recommend this to my single friends.”

“Violet is a personable and warm coach who has practical examples of love and dating tips to share with all in her seminars. She firmly believes in dating and relationships for the busy career woman and her founding of ‘Lunch Actually’ is a valid testament to that ongoing belief. She is a positive dating coach and mentor to help anyone in any stage of their dating journey.”

“As this is my first seminar related to dating, with no other to compare, I feel that is has given me the inspiration to start the change within myself. Nobody has pointed out this before. Start working on myself, love myself then only the others will follow. Violet has given me motivation to go back dating. I will keep in mind and take action on what I learned.”

“Generally and personally, I feel that Violet has met all my expectations of this seminar and introduces me to many insights I will not learn from friends or books if (it has) not (been) spoken to me. These sessions help me see that a lot of time we can control and manage things which happen to us. We have choices of whether we want to be happy or unhappy and it just need a little bit more effort and time from my part. I’ll certainly relook into the material that was learnt in the 1.5 days and reflect upon and come up with action plans for myself. Thank you Violet.”

So even though, I only have had 3.5 hours sleep last night preparing for the seminar… it is definitely worth it! And I am looking forward to giving more of such seminars! If you are interested in attending my next seminar, please subscribe to my e-newsletter, or drop me a line using the ‘Contact’ page and I will keep you updated.

Think I better go to bed now… I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open! Will blog again soon!