Having just got back from NY, with the jet lag etc., it’s been a long time since I woke up so early. Woke up at about 7am, and it’s wonderfully refreshing.

The conference was amazing! I met so many interesting people, learnt so much, my mind is still swirling from how I am going to put all these plans I have into place.

wedding-912s.jpgSince I got back, I have celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary was quite funny actually.

Hubby decided to search online for a romantic restaurant. You would think that we should have just used one of our affiliated restaurants, right? Anyway, hubby wanted to find something new. He went to a particular local site that features many restaurants where diners rate them, and found one that has superb ratings. It was rated as the best restaurant for dates. And hubby thought he probably has something there… so he made a reservation. Kept the place a secret. And told me what time to turn up at a nearby location, and brought me there. The name of the restaurant is pretty unique and has a ‘angelic’ twist to it. 🙂 And it is supposed to serve the best lamb shank in town. Hubby decided to go with the lamb shank, and I decided to go with the pasta. After sitting there for about 5 mins or so, we were starting to wonder, why it was rated as the best restaurant for romantic dates. The lighting was frankly slightly too bright. And, the place was not filled with couples, but families. Nevertheless, we await the lamb shank with great anticipation.

Which turned out to be a slight let down as it was too rubbery. The pasta was interesting. Instead of the usual tomato base, it was a pesto base.

We came to the conclusion that… either the diners who wrote the reviews are really young (so their yardstick for a romantic restaurant is different) or the raters were friends of the restaurant’s owner (which is understandable and forgivable). But nevertheless, we had a great time, as the company is good. 😉

After dinner, we went on to watch a movie, where I got to choose which movie we watched. Haha! Guys, don’t cringe. But we watched ‘The Nanny Diaries’. Which turned out to be quite a good show actually. Even hubby had to begrudgingly agree… hehe!

All in all, I had a really good outing with hubby. Hubby was quite funny actually… he said when I met him at 7.15pm, “I wanted to get you flowers… but I did not buy them early enough, and the shops are closed.” Trust hubby to be so candid and honest with it. Haha! And actually, I think that’s one of his most endearing qualities.

Thank you hubby for taking the time to plan our date night. Am looking forward to our 3rd, 4th…. 10th, 20th… 50th, 60th wedding anniversary celebration. 🙂