Watched Desperate Housewives on TV last night. Hubby and I rarely watch TV nowadays, and one of the sitcoms that we watch is DH. 🙂

So, anyway on the episode yesterday, Susan had to make a decision.

Both Mike and Ian are as her daughter put it… madly in love with her. And, she loves both of them too. She fell in love with Ian when she thought Mike was in a coma. Now, she has to choose only one. At first, she chose Ian, because she made a promise to him. Ian was overjoyed. However, his happiness is shortlived. Because he heard Susan listening to a voice message left by Mike, bidding farewell. He could sense that Susan is still deeply in love with Mike.

He did what he felt was the honourable thing to do. He let her go.

He said, “I cannot stand the thought that every time you have the faraway look on your face, I will be wondering if you are thinking of him. Susan, you deserve to be happy. I deserve to be happy too.” And he packed up.

There are quite a lot of things that led up to this. Ian proposing to Susan when he found out that Mike intended to so before he lost his memory. Mike and Ian agreeing to bet in a game of poker… whoever who lost, will have to stop contacting Susan. Mike lost. But he broke the pact, he met up with Susan, grabbed her and kissed her. And hence reliving her memories about their time together.

There are 2 sides to this I guess… on one side, Mike really loves her, and hence could not give her up. On the other side, he is not exactly very honourable, as he broke the pact. Another question, if Mike really loves her, then shouldn’t he let her go? Because she probably will have a better life with Ian. Before Mike came barging back, and giving her that kiss, Susan was contented, and happily engaged to Ian.

And based on what has happened so far in the various episodes… Ian seems to be better for Susan… he is more matured and more stable. Mike on the other hand seems more like the ‘bad boy’.

If you are Susan… would you have chosen Mike or Ian?