romancetracker.jpgCame across a really cool blog lately. It is entitled Romance Tracker, and the tagline of this blog is “Old-Fashioned Romantic Ideas for Modern Relationships”.

You might be thinking that it is another one of those blogs that offer really generic ideas about dating and relationships… ideas that are too “cliche”. No… this blog, authored by Phil Van Treuren is actually filled with very useful and insightful tips.

Phil is a professional writer, web designer, continuing education teacher and media and campaign consultant. And if you are wondering what makes Phil such an expert in this area? Phil’s objective is not to proclaim himself as an expert, as he believes that the real expert in any relationship is ‘you’! All he wants to achieve with his blog is to inspire you to make your relationship more interesting and exciting everyday by applying some of the romantic ideas that you can find on his blog! 🙂

Want to find out how to write poetry to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend? Or want to know when is a good time to say I love you for the first time? Not sure what to buy your girlfriend for her birthday? Or just wanting to learn to say I love you in 83 languages? You can find it all on this blog!

What are you waiting for? 🙂 Go check it out now!