Thought of doing something different this week. 🙂

Ever wondered what you will find in a modern-day matchmaker’s handbag?

Rummaged through my bag, and these are the items I found. 🙂

1. Wallet. Looks like it’s going to burst at its seams. Have it for 3 years now I think. Time to get a new one. Problem is, I have not find one that I truly like.


2. Phone #1. This has my Malaysia SIM card. Not all my contacts in KL has my Singapore number, and since I travel often between the 2 countries, I have my KL phone switched on too.


3. What does this look like? Yes… it’s a personal alarm. My mum-in-law gave it to me. 🙂


4. I am not sure what you call this actually. Hair band? Basically I use this to tie up my hair. Can’t stand my hair falling all over my face while I am working.


5. Lip gloss. I don’t use this very often frankly. But it’s good to have when my lips are chapped sitting too long in an air-conditioned room.


6. Phone #2. This is my Singapore phone. See the trinklet hanging on to it? That’s a Christmas gift from one of my fellow cupids. 🙂


7. Tissue pack. My very out-of-shape tissue pack from Watsons. 🙂


8. Those of you based in Singapore would know this one. With the new password authentication scheme implemented by the banks, we now have to carry these tokens. You can also see my thumbdrive on the far left, as well as the keychain that’s holding all of these together. The keychain is a Christmas gifts from another one of my fellow ‘cupids’ at Lunch Actually. :) 


9. My Ipod Shuffle! 🙂 Christmas gift from hubby 2 years ago! 🙂 Comes in very handy when I just want to listen to some classical music to relax…


10. My LOVE notebook… is this where all the matchmaking secrets are kept? 🙂 That’s for me to know, and for you to find out! 😉


11. My Blackberry. I love this. With pushmail, I can always stay in touch. I am no longer a slave to my laptop! Yay!


12. My namecard holder. My best friend Tsiao Yi gave this to me when I first started Lunch Actually as a show of support. In case you are trying to read the words on the case, it says, “Nothing succeeds like success. -Alexander Dumas” 🙂


13. And last but not least, this is the pink little gadget, my IXUS, birthday present from my daddy and mummy, that took all the photos shown above. 🙂 I can never leave home without it… now with Babe, I want to be able to capture every cute little moment. 🙂


Care to share with us what are the 13 things you have in your bag/handbag? 🙂

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