This actually appeared in the news a few days back… I kept wanting to blog about it but kept forgetting, so here goes…

Hubby declares love with ads

For those of you who are too lazy to click on the link :p this is a story about a businessman who took full page ads with major newspapers in Malaysia to declare his love for his wife on their 35th year anniversary!

Ain’t that so sweet???

When asked by the journalist why he decided to buy ads in the newspapers (Full Page Full Colour ads aren’t cheap), this was his reaction…

Chan admitted that he could have bought jewellery or taken his wife on a shopping spree abroad but he said
giving material goods would not have the same impact.  “When you have a wife who is willing to go through good and bad times with you, you have to give her something out of the ordinary,” said the managing director of Kamco Aluminium Sdn Bhd.


To see how his ad looks like, check it out at Angel’s blog. Hi Angel, I hope you don’t mind me linking you! 🙂

Post Note: Realised that I should not have titled this post ‘How deep is your love?’ Just that when I was writing this post, the song came into my head… and I thought it is a cute title. Everybody has a different way of showing their love, and as long as it is appreciated by the person whom they are showing their love to. 🙂 There’s no superior or inferior way. 🙂