“Who is your ideal guy?” That was the last poll that I run.

And surprise, surprise…

Colin Firth in Bridget Jones Diary came up top!

It is quite interesting really, as he was actually an afterthought… I was thinking of who is the last character I should add to the poll, and Mark Darcy was the last character I added.

And actually, it does make sense, a lot of sense actually.

On the physical aspect, Mark Darcy is tall, dark and handsome. Not the Leonardo Dicaprio or Orlando Bloom type of handsome, but a more subtle and brooding presence.

As for character and personality, he is loyal and dependable. He’s always there for Bridget. In the sequel, he went all the way to get Bridget out of jail. He is no sweet talker, and sometimes he can be quite awkward too. But at least that proves that he is no sweet-talker.

As for motivation and drive, he is a lawyer. A very successful one too. And not one of the money-grubbing one. He’s passionate and compassionate.

Come to think of it, he’s definitely a walkaway winner. No wonder a whopping 63% of you voted for him! 🙂

My poor Forrest Gump… he did not win many votes. Guess even though he is definitely the most loyal of guys, he is just too simple for most girls.

So, my guy readers, as promised… the next poll is for you. Tell us who your ideal girl is!