With the biggest night of Hollywood – The Academy Awards just come and gone,I thought it would be fun to list13 Favourite Love Movies of Mine
1. Forrest Gump: One of my favourite movies of all time. It is not only about unconditional love, it is about a man who might not have big brains, but have big heart, and how he managed to be such a wonderful inspiration to people around him.


2. Jerry Maguire: This is the show that propelled Renee Zellweger to fame. I fell in love with her in this show. She just has this endearing quality, not very sure the exact word to describe it. And who will ever forget the line, “You… you complete me…”

3. Love Actually: What a fantastic show! Very heartwarming. A movie with love stories that intertwined. So many different aspects of love – romantic love, fatherly love, puppy love, love that transcends beyond borders and language, love for a sibiling, unrequited love, and even love in the most unlikely places, between the rock star and his manager!


4. While you were Sleeping: Love Sandra Bullock in this show! Watched shis show like 10 years ago! Wow, now I feel old! 🙂


5. Bridget Jones Diary: This is such a funny show. Yes, another Renee Zellweger show. I think eventually you will see a trend in the love movies that I love. Haha! They usually feature the same actresses. 🙂 Love this show for the plot, the actors and actresses and the fact that it is real. One of the very few shows around that they feature the lead actress to be 60kg and above, even though Renee had to fatten herself for it.


6. Pride & Prejudice (2005 version): This is a classic, and I love the portrayal of Elizabeth by Keira Knightley.


7. Ever After: I love Drew Barrymore’s spunk in this show. The epitomy of the modern woman even though it is in a medieval setting. Love the scene where she outsmarted the rogues. They said you can leave with whatever you can carry on your back. And she stunned them by whipping the prince off his feet onto her back! Haha! 🙂


8. 50 First Dates: Yes! Starring Drew Barrymore. When I first heard of this movie, I thought what a dumb name for a show. But after I watched it, I just couldn’t help tearing. It is just so sweet! Imagine your husband having to make you love him everyday because you have no memories of anything that happen everyday when you wake up. Have a box of tissues with you when you watch this tear-jerker.


9. City of Glass: The only Chinese show featured in this list. Hubby have asked me once, “Why do you like this show? Isn’t it about 2 people who are having an affair?” Actually – yes, it is about 2 college sweethearts who parted ways because of long distance, and 20 years later, met again, and realised that even though they have chosen to live separate lives, have their own family, their lives are unfulfilled without each other. Actually, it is a love tragedy as they died in a car crash. And it is because of that car crash, their respective families found out about their love tryst. The story is told in the eyes of their children, who eventually fell in love. Actually, what I love most about the movie is the cinematography. The director managed to capture the essence of Hong Kong I felt. It actually spurred me to visit HK! 🙂


10. Sleepless in Seattle: Another classic. Tom Hanks + Meg Ryan. Amazing combination. The part where Tom Hanks talked about his love for his wife over the radio show… always bring tears to my eyes.


11. Pretty Woman: Understand why people are so crazy about Richard Gere. He looks dashing in this show! And Julia Roberts… she looks so great in that red dress! And for some reason or other, I always remember that scene where she was crying watching that opera which she does not understand a word of.


12. My Best Friends Wedding: Another Julia Roberts movie. I think it is just so amusing how she tried so hard to win over her best friend, who was going to get married to Cameron Diaz. And yes, I love the songs! And Rupert Everett as her gay friend, he was fantastic for the role.


13. 13 Going on 30: Jennifer Garner played a very convincing 13 year old stuck in a 30 year old body. The reason I love this show is the fact that even though her best friend from school Mark Ruffalo was totally bowled over by her and her change of heart, but he stayed true to his fiance and went ahead with his wedding. Unlike some other Hollywood movies where they simply run off with the new girl and ditch the old girl. Love afterall, is not just the instant sparks, but a commitment. 🙂


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