Got a call from a journalist a few nights earlier about a story she was writing.

Apparently, there was a poll conducted in US, and the findings were… young women in US nowadays prefer men who are mid-earners rather than high-earners. Hence, some of the most sought after professions for a boyfriend are teachers and travel agents.

So, The New Paper decided to conduct a street survey to find out the trends in Singapore. They got 100 girls between age 18-25 to rank 10 different professions. And the profession that got ranked first the most is pilot, followed by banker. The professions that received the most votes overall are banker, followed by pilot and then teacher.

Read more the article here.

If you ask me, this is what I believe.

I think Singaporean women are a discerning lot. When choosing a husband, they do not only look only at the occupation that the person holds. More importantly, they are looking for a man who is motivated and determined, a man who is confident and carries himself well and a man of good character.

What do you think? Any experiences to share? If you a guy, do you feel that these professions are more sought after? Or if you a gal, do you have a preference for professions?