Ok, my dear readers, this is the ‘Best Match’ story that I promised you.

Have been keeping this story under wraps, as the press article just came out today, hence did not want to ‘upstage it’.

Not sure how long the article will be up for, so do go check it out, as this is the first time a LUNCH Actually couple has agreed to appear in the media. Even though we know of about 60 couples who have met through us, they are usually quite media shy. 🙂

About Mr. Motivated & Ms. Self-Improvement, one thing about their profiles that really stand out is how driven they both are. They both believe in self-growth and are constantly improving themselves. Another obvious commonality is that they both love to travel.

Jamie and I sat in at the media interview. It was a very interesting session as we do not get many chances like this to hear what happens after that first date. Yes, we get feedback from them e.g. they go out on second dates, or that they get engaged, or even married, but we do not usually get to know the nuances and details.

This time, we get to hear the entire story – from when they first met, how he misplaced her number, to when they decided to go steady, and what they like most about each other. It is very heartwarming actually.

Theirs was not a ‘love at first sight’ story. They got to know each other better as friends before deciding to go steady. They also continued to date other people before dating exclusively. In her own words, she said “I wasn’t particularly interested in him at first!” But, he obviously won her over. 🙂

It was just so sweet looking at them sitting side-by-side, relating their love story. And the best thing is, you know that this is one love story that is grounded, a relationship that is not built on ‘instant chemistry’ but has withstood the test of time where they got to know each other better as friends before dating exclusively.

It is so obvious that they have so much respect for each other. He is impressed by her hard work and determination, and she is clearly inspired by his drive and motivation. And when he looks at her, you know that this is definitely a man in love! :) 

And, I just cannot stop telling them how happy I am for them. 🙂