The result of a recent poll in UK showed that 80% (of the 8500 people) agreeing to the statement – romance is dead. Capital 95.8, a local Singaporean radio station did a similar poll, and 85% of the 100 people polled agreed.

They interviewed me to ask me what I think.

I think… it really depends on how we define romance. Hollywood has dramatized romance. Romance is commercialized. Romance is connected with flowers, fine dining and jewellery. Romance is about sweeping a girl off her feet. Romance is about holidaying in the Caribbean.

So, does this mean if you are cash-tight or pressed for time, then romance is virtually impossible?

Well, to me, true romance is about growing old with my other half. It’s about holding hands even when our hands are old and wrinkly. It’s about walking home and sharing an ice cream cone on a hot, humid day. It’s about sitting at the neighbourhood park, looking at our grandchildren playing in the sunset.

I don’t need the $150/each bouquet. I would rather have that loving peck on the forehead in public when he thinks nobody is looking. I don’t need that 2 carats diamond ring. I would rather have those ‘jack in the box’ games that he plays, popping out from a place I least expect it, tickling me with laughter. And I don’t need that expensive Caribbean holiday. I would rather have his reassuring presence everyday, and when we are apart… a phone call everyday to check on me to make sure that I am ok, no matter how late at night.

Is romance truly dead?

I think… romance is an attitude; it is a state of mind.

What do YOU think? 🙂