Was stuck in the infamous KL traffic jam yesterday.

Was feeling quite angry with myself, as the reason I was stuck in the jam was because I took a wrong turning. Pretty scary how a 1-sec decision would eventually take up 20-min of your life.

So, I was sitting in the car contemplating the current situation.

“So many problems,” I grunted.

“What was the word you used?” Jamie teased. We always try to advocate positive thinking.

“Ok, fine fine. Not problems. Challenges,” I replied.

“That’s much better.”

“Actually, why not call them opportunities?” I quipped.

“That’s taking it a bit too far,” he laughed.

But isn’t it amazing?

One scenario, so many ways of looking at it. Many a times, the greatest inventions or ideas were born because someone was in a bad situation, and by thinking of how to get out of it, they found a great opportunity! 🙂

I swerved my car into another lane.

“See? That was actually an opportunity for me. I could either seize the opportunity to move to a faster moving lane, or stay on in the slower moving lane and complain!”

And he laughed. 🙂