If you recall, at the end of my ‘About that minor operation’ entry, I wrote ‘to be continued’… the reason is, I wanted to share with you my greatest ‘takeaway’ from the experience i.e. the operation.

Well, apart from the obvious, which is I had my cyst removed… I am reminded of the fact how lucky I am to have my hubby. I stayed at the hospital from Thursday to Sunday. And that was how long Jamie was at the hospital, at my side. He slept on the floor, padded by two sleeping bags, answering to all my whims, and taking in all my whining. He fed me, brought me water, and cleaned my bedpan when I could not walk to the toilet due to the surgery wound.

And, during this time… my resolve to stay on in my chosen profession (a modern-day matchmaker) strengthened because I realized how the entire experience at the hospital would be so different if I did not have my beloved hubby by my side as I work on my recovery.

Many people have commented that I have recovered rather speedily, and maybe… just maybe, it’s the power of love. 🙂