June is a month of weddings. Have been invited to 4 weddings this month, but unfortunately, I can only make it to 2, due to the operation.

Weddings are such interesting affairs. Weddings are also a reflection of the couple’s character.


The first wedding I attended… Wow! That was such a beautiful wedding… so much thought has been put into it, down to the minute details. Love the pictorial seaside wedding ceremony… and this is the first wedding that I have been to where each and every guest is given a ‘Program Book’. The program book tells you more about the bride and groom, photos from their wedding ceremony in Japan (the radiant bride is Japanese), the seating plan (this is amazing… they listed down the names of all the guests on 33 round tables) and lastly, the menu. When it was stated in the profile of the groom that he’s a perfectionist, I can’t help but laugh. Because only a perfectionist can conjure about such a perfect wedding. 🙂


The second wedding that I attended was the wedding of an old friend. We knew each other since primary school. The entire wedding took a more laid back tone, as in you can see the couple being thoroughly relaxed. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that this was the 3rd wedding dinner they are having… so this was really a piece of cake! 🙂 Love the little skit the put up for the guests, where they enacted their proposal scene with a twist. The bride took on the role of the groom and vice versa. It was hilarious! They two are truly gifted. Told my friend that she and her hubby should really consider going into comedy acting if they ever think of giving up their day jobs as a pharmacists!

Congratulations Jeremy and Akiko!
Congratulations Irene and Albert!

May your love last for all eternity!!!