Don’t you just love it when you get fantastic news the first thing you wake up?

Was still lazing around on my bed when hubby said to me… “Hey, May is messaging you on MSN.” May is one of our lovely dating consultants at the Singapore office.

“Violet, we have another wedding coming up! They have set the date for next July!”

Woohoo! Love hearing about upcoming weddings.

May messaged on, “That’s the greatest job satisfaction ever!” And I just cannot agree more. 🙂

With more than 1000 members in Singapore, I cannot say that I know each and every one personally, but the male member is someone that I remember… as I remember him almost giving up halfway. He has met quite a number of ladies, and nothing was working out… but thanks to my dedicated and persuasive dating consultants, he decided to continue on his dating journey… and voila! 🙂

Fantastic news isn’t it? Happy stories like these are the motivating force behind us merry ‘matchmakers’. 🙂 Off to bed now folks!

Have a great weekend ahead!