I attended my high school 10th year reunion last Saturday.

Amazing isn’t it? I do feel old now. Without thinking about it, or realizing it, I left school 10 years ago!!!

I remember watching the movie "Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion" years ago. And it was just so funny. All the effort that were put in… to exhibit that you are doing well for yourself.

Actually, I did think of losing a few ounces before the reunion, so that I would look my best. Haha! 🙂

High school years bring back lots of memories. I am one of those people who were lucky I guess. I had a great time at high school. I get along with most people, be in the ‘in’ group, or the other cliques. And even after 10 years, I still am very close to all of my girlfriends from high school.

High school was also the place where I discovered my love for community service. And it is a passion that I carried with me till now.

High school is also about… first love.

Yes, I started my first serious relationship when I was in Form 4. I was 15 then.

One of the things that I dreaded most during this reunion was meeting up with my ex. Well, I have girlfriends who are the best of friends with their ex. And some girlfriends even have ex who are now seeing their friends. They are entirely cool with it. But, for me, I have not been in contact with my ex for years. And I would not say ours was the most amicable of breakups.

So, I was thinking… what would happen when we meet at the reunion? I mean, I can’t go out of my way to avoid him, can I? The ballroom is not exactly THAT huge. And if we do cross each other’s path, it is rude to ignore him. And seriously, I am an adult now, I can deal with this in a totally civil and matured manner, right?

During the reunion, we did cross path.

And we did exchange niceties. But, honestly, it was really awkward. Well, at least for me. I introduced him to Jamie. We spoke for about 2 minutes… before I was mercifully rescued by a girlfriend, I am not sure intentionally or unintentionally, but I am thankful nevertheless. 🙂

Part of me am relieved that I have gotten this episode over and done with. Better to meet when you are well-prepared (i.e. knowing that he/she will be there) rather than being caught off-guard at places you least expect them to show up (e.g. the boardroom where you are meeting your biggest client… where he turns out to be their legal counsel).

Well, talking about ironies… during the photo montage presentation, one of the photos that flashed past was one of my ex and I, holding hands, after being elected "Best Dressed Couple" during the prom night. Haha! My classmate who did the montage obviously have a quirk sense of humor.

It was pretty embarrassing seeing that on the screen, but in all fairness, no matter how awkward it might now be… all of these past relationships made who I am today. And without these past relationships, I might not know myself, and know what I am looking for… and subsequently ending up in this amazing relationship I now have. 🙂

Well, there you go… my 10th year high school reunion…

A night of fellowship, a night of memories.

Attended a school reunion recently? Any stories to share? Or what about your experiences on how you deal with meeting up with your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend?

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