Continuing from where I left off… I love weddings. Not because of the beautiful white gown. Not because of the delicious 10 course dinner. And not because of the merrymaking where we make fun of the groom.

I love weddings because it is a beginning of a wondrous journey. You know how we hear the Emcees at the wedding dinner saying things such as…

    “From the point of getting to know each other, to falling in love, and to finally getting married, it is not an easy journey…”

and we usually think… “Yada yada, I know that already, don’t bore me with cliches!”

After being in this industry for the last 2 years, I have to say… that statement is so so true. It is a journey laced with obstacles and difficulties. You have a scenario where boy likes girl, but girl is not interested, or vice versa. Or a scenario where both fall in love, but break up later because they drift apart. Or another scenario where they are so in love, but because of parental objections, they have to separate. The scenarios are endless.

And hence, to complete the first part of the journey… to be getting married, it is definitely something worth celebrating.

I always say to girlfriends who are brides… “Don’t be so stressed up! Enjoy the process! Enjoy your wedding!” Because that is what it is supposed to be, an event where you celebrate your love.

Not an event where you worry whether the food taste good, or the people are seated properly, or whether your relatives are happy with your speech, or your behavior etc. And no matter how much you fuss over your makeup, your veil, your flowers, your decoration… something might just go terribly wrong. It is just not worth it to get upset.

And you know which is my favorite part of every wedding? The part where the couple exchanges their wedding vows. To me, that’s what a wedding is all about, a point in time where a couple decides that from that moment, they are going to pledge their lives to each other, to stay together for better or worse, in good times and bad times for all eternity.

Love… is not a feeling, but a conscious decision. A feeling might change over time. It might be affected by circumstances. But a decision once firmly and strongly committed will not change. And I believe that’s what make some relationships steadfast, and some relationships frail.

To my cousin Yin Yin and my cousin-in-law Vincent, my heartiest congratulations! May your love be like the wind, strong enough to move the clouds, soft enough to never hurt, but always never ever ending!

Went to a beautiful wedding recently? Or want to share with us your wedding vows? Tell us about your experiences at weddings recently. Maybe I will share with you my wedding vows in my next entry. 😉Tags: , , , , , , ,

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