Was rushing to catch my bus to KL, while walking towards the bus terminal at Novena Square, came across this old couple who was staring intently at this beautiful peach-coloured lace cheongsam on window display.

The lady’s hair was pepper grey, and the man was balding. I would estimate them to be in their late 60s or early 70s. And they were both looking so intently at the cheongsam.

The lady was seeking the husband’s opinion on it. And I only heard the husband saying… “Yes, it’s very grand.” And she agreed, “Yes, it’s very grand.”

It was a brief encounter, barely 5 seconds, yet I was just so touched by the episode.

Old love.

That’s where I aspire to be.

Not passionate love that might fizzle out after months, years or even decades. Not romantic love where surprises play such a big part. Not love that builds around the kids where there might be nothing left to talk about once the kids leave the nest.

But old love, where a mere nod, a gentle touch or a warm smile convey so much… There’s no need for lengthy love declarations, or constant surprises or big gifts.

A connection of the soul. A love that would last forever. A love when stripped of everything, the face, the figure, the intellect, the sanity… will still survive.

Perhaps old love can only be achieved after you have gone through all the different stages of love.

When you finally see through each other, when you see each other bare, and after you have seen everything… things that you wanted to see, and things that you do not want to see… and still, you want to carry on… that’s old love.

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