Valentine’s Day has come and gone.

So how did you celebrate?

V-Day has been said to be too commercialized. Read in the newspapers that someone bought 999 roses for his loved one, and spent close to $10,000 on it! Amazing huh?

So… what did I receive from Jamie? J Well, this is actually quite funny. He actually wanted to surprise me and he ordered flowers for me in Singapore. However, he suddenly realized that I am actually going to be in KL, Malaysia ! Anyway, so he cancelled his order.

No, he did not order flowers in KL. Instead, he bought me a pillow! J It is a really plushy and cushy pillow. On one side, it has a bear holding a heart, and on the other side it says ‘my love’. Haha! When he took it out of his bag and gave it to me, it really put a big smile to my face! J I absolutely love it! Some people might say that I am easily pleased huh?

Talking about this suddenly reminds me of the point system that women keep. Men often think that the bigger the present, or the more the flowers, they would score more points. But actually for women, it’s the frequency that counts. No matter how big the bouquet is, or how expensive the gift is, that is still counted as one.

Strange but true… it is not like once you have bought her a real expensive gift, you do not need to buy her any more gifts for the next two years. Chances are, she rather you get her meaningful gifts, presented at the right moment, throughout the relationship.

I do not remember what the biggest bouquet Jamie bought me is. I cannot even remember some of the gifts that he has bought me for Christmas, Valentines or my birthday. But I do remember those gifts that he bought me out of the blue… a bouquet of flowers to cheer me up, a pink plush toy from 7-Eleven because he thought that would really make me smile, or that story book he penned and illustrated himself.

When it comes to getting gifts for a loved one, as the old saying goes… it is the thought that counts. Not how much it costs, or how big or small it is…

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