Met up with a girlfriend on Sunday and had a fantastic catch up session. At some point or other during our conversation, she asked me, “Hey, so by the way, how did Jamie ask you out on your first date?”

And, I said, “Well, actually, I created the opportunity for him to ask me.”

Tip or Myth #4: Golden Rule of Dating — A girl should never initiate the date. The guy must always make the first move.

Call me strange/weird/unconventional, but I truly believe that a lady should feel comfortable initiating the first date if she wants to.

Of course, I have heard of stories where guys are totally put off by women who make the first move. Be it they are intimidated, or they feel that guys should always do the chasing. Or some even feel that if they get you too easily, they do not appreciate you.

Well, there are certain truths to it of course. Men are born hunters. They would like to pursue and please the lady. Sometimes, we ladies having been so used to ‘fighting’ for what we want in our career, we forget that the men really would like to take the lead. And that is when they call us ‘aggressive’.

Well, back to my story… what I did was, a day after our third encounter, we were actually chatting through ICQ and it was coming to lunch time. What I did was…

I casually asked if he had lunch.

And hence, it gave him the opportunity to ask me out for a lunch date! He did not miss a beat.

“No. Would you like to have lunch together?”

Our first date!

So ladies, the trick here is… provide opportunities. Talk about a movie review you have read, or talk about a concert that is in town. By doing this, you strike a balance of not seeming too ‘forward’ yet giving him just enough hint to indicate your interest.

And guys, for goodness sake, if you are interested in the lady, pick up your courage and ask her out for a date! 🙂

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