Since I have just moved to a new domain, as well as revamped the blog, I thought I would just do a short profile, instead of the putting up the usual Blogger profile. Was raking my brains on what to write, and I have decided to write it ‘journalistic’ style – meaning I will be the interviewer, as well as the interviewee. 🙂

What is your name?

Violet. Also known as Seow Yan or Yan to my friends. Some people refer to me as Miss Lim, but please don’t call me that. Make me sound so old! And yes, effective Oct 2005, you can also call me Mrs. Lee. 😉

How old are you then?

I am an 80’s baby. And I shall leave it at that.

What do you do?

I run a lunch dating service. I set people up for lunch dates.

So you set people up for dates. How did that come about?

My childhood dream was to be a matchmaker.

Ok, I lied. I have always aspired to be a doctor, a lawyer or a banker. How I ended up as a modern-day matchmaker… well, I have always wanted a career where I will always be working with people, helping them solve their problems, lending them a listening ear.

I read law at University of Manchester, but after completing my internships, I decided that law was not my calling. I did a Masters in HR at LSE, but the job turned out to be too administrative.

Hence, I pounced on the chance of being able to start something which combines my passion with business… hence setting people up for dates seem like the perfect profession for me! 🙂

So you are married huh… did you meet your husband through a lunch dating service?

Nope, we met at university. But our first date was over lunch! 🙂

Okay, sweet… so why keep a blog?

I kept a blog for a couple of years at university. But I stopped when I started working in 2002. I have always wanted to start writing again but somehow did not find the time to.

Being in the love industry for the last 2 years, I thought it would be interesting to document my thoughts and musings as a modern-day matchmaker. And at the same time share some interesting insights on dating and relationships with those who are keen to find out more.

What do you do when you are not setting people up on dates?

Spending time with my hubby! 🙂 Also an be found at Toastmasters or Rotary Club meetings. Or when in my more pensive mood, I will be sitting in front of my sturdy computer… doing what I am doing now… blogging.

Ok, last question. What’s your all-time favourite romance movie and why?

Forrest Gump. Forrest’s love for Jenny is simply amazing. To love even when you get nothing in return. Loving to Forrest is not merely an emotion, but it’s a decision. He decided long ago that he loves her, and it has never wavered no matter what happened.

Some might think he’s stupid, but I think that’s true love.

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