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Appear in your gym/yoga/soccer attire. Whatever happened to personal grooming and dressing to kill? The first impression of a person is formed within… some say 5 seconds, some say 30 seconds, some say 5 minutes – but to sum it up – in a very SHORT time. Appropriate attire would definitely help you score some points.

Order your food before your date arrives or better still, start eating before your date arrives. Yes, I understand you might be hungry after a long day, but try to grab a quick bite prior to your date at the nearest sandwich bar if you know it’s going to be a late lunch or dinner.

Challenge your date’s religion beliefs. Till today, I still cannot figure out why people go on dates to pick a fight. Enough said.

Complain about your past dates/boss/mother/ex-spouse(s). Nobody likes to sit opposite someone who’s negative and constantly complaining. Like job interviews, always put your best foot forward on your first date. You might not be Mr./ Miss Sunshine, but at least present your most positive self on your first date.

Interrogate your date. What does your father do? Can you do housework? When do you forsee yourself settling down? Why did you quit your last job? Why are you still single? The key to a successful communicator is the ability to make the other person feel comfortable. Facing “a machine gun that keeps firing away” leaves the person with no space to breathe.

Walk out on the date / Leave when your date is in the midst of paying for the meal. Even if you totally hated your date’s guts, at least have the courtesy to leave the restaurant at the same time as him/her. Do not rush off as if he/she has some sort of disease.

Whip out your handphone/PDA to split the bill into half… down to the last cent. You might not fancy the lady that much, or you are really broke this month. You do not need to pay for her share, but seriously there’s no excuse for such ‘cheapskate’ and ‘ungentlemanly’ behaviour.

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