I am sure most people would know of at least one couple who stayed together even though they are unhappy, or unsatisfied with each other.

I have a friend – let’s call her Zee. She has been going out with this guy for the longest time. They have been through many breakups. But they always get back together at the end of the day. Some might call it fate. Or some might say that it’s convenient.

In a survey, when asked, why do people get married, or get into relationships? The majority answered – to have someone to do things with. Yes, the answer is as simple as that. When you are married or when you are in a relationship, whenever you want to do something – be it – going for a meal, movie, or shopping, or simply lazing around at home – you always know that you have someone whom you can do these activities with.

Back to my friend Zee, our meetups are getting more and more depressing. When I first got together with J about 5 years ago… when Zee saw how happy we were, she attributed it to us being in the ‘honeymoon’ period – where everything is bright and rosy. She said that she and her bf used to be like that too. Just wait till 3 years later…. and now, J and I have been going out for 5 years, and yes – like any other couples, we quarrel and argue occasionally. But I think the love and respect between us is apparent…

We met up with Zee last week. And during one of our conversations, she commented, ‘you guys (still) look very happy together’ – and i was just thinking to myself – if I am not happy, I will not stay on in a relationship.

Which brings me back to the question – why do people stay on in unhappy relationships? Why do we always hold out hoping things will one day change? Why do we put up with partners that do not respect us? We only live once. And we deserve to be happy. If you are no longer happy, maybe it’s time for us to move on. Yes – easier said than done.

But if only we could just try.

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