Singaporeans are not interested in dating?

Do you know what is the No. 2 book at BORDERS Self-Help Books Top 20? John Gray’s Mars and Venus on a Date… Interesting fact huh?

Have had an extremely interesting day. After the last disastrous appearance on TV, I have decided to take up a personal make-up course! Wow… I never thought I will live to see that day… me… in a make-up course. But guess what, I totally enjoyed the session! 3 hours of make-up… oh no! I am turning into a vainpot!!! 🙂

As they say… there are no ugly women, only lazy women… 🙂 Am at McD with hubby. Waiting to catch “Just like Heaven”. Poor hubby who has been forced into watching a chick flick… oh well… I watched “Doom” with him after all… so all’s fair in love!

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