An email from a friend…

From: alexSent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 10:24 PMTo: ‘Violet’Subject: saw you on the tv 🙂

And you look so good. 🙂

All the best to your Malaysia venture. If you need any help let me know ya. Cheers.

Warmest regards, Alex

* * * * *

Bumped into my ex-personal trainer at lunch today. Well, when I signed up with the gym, they assign you a personal trainer that trains you for 3 times. I think gyms are a rip-off for people like me!!!! But, anyway, that’s another post altogether. Anyway, the first thing he said was – hey! I saw you on TV last night – and you look good!

* * * * * 

Hmm… so that means, despite my complaints of the bright pimple on my left cheek, and my puffy eyes, I actually look good? Or were they just being nice?

Makes you wonder sometimes doesn’t it?

When people do not pay us compliments, we get upset, and when they do, we wonder if they really mean it? Or are they just saying it for the sake of saying it?

Isn’t it sad that we get so paranoid sometimes? We wonder about people’s motives. We scrutinise their intentions. When… it is simple really… they simply are… telling the truth. But because of our own insecurities, we do not believe it.

The dating game is the same isn’t it?

Relationships sometimes dissolve based on the fact that one party does not believe that he/she is good enough for the other party. And they start wondering “what if?” What if there’s someone out there who is better for her? What if he’s better off with someone else? What if she meets someone who’s better than me? And despite all the reassurance… they just cannot get over themselves.

And finally one day, their partners are just too tired to carry on.

Too tired to keep reassuring him/her that…I truly love youfor who you are, andthat’s the simple truth.

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