Met up with an university friend Y last weekend. He was quite excited to know that we are in the dating business. He was like, “Hey! Find me a date-la!”

Jamie commented, “Sure, no problem, just sign up as a member, and we will start to find you matches!””Hmm… for you ar, looks must be very important!” Jamie added.Y said, “Aiyah, whatever it is, looks still matter what!”

In this day and age, we soak ourselves in the celebrity culture everyday. No matter where you look, you are constantly bombarded by beautiful people – actors, actresses, models. If you look fatter, or your nose is not as sharp, or your eyes are not as large – you worry that you are as ‘sellable’ as your model-looking friend. Hence, slimming centres and beauty salons are mushrooming – as there’s such a huge demand for their services.

In my line of work… “Oh, Amanda was a great date. She’s funny, she’s intelligent, and we had lots to talk about. We have a lot in common as well. She enjoys travelling too, and she has been to many of the countries I have visited. We exchanged lots of stories.” “Well, as for whether I will ask her out again, I am not so sure really. She’s nice, but erm… I don’t think she’s my type.” “Perhaps you could get me someone who scores higher in the looks department?” And Amanda is not ugly or anything. She’s average looking – like most ladies who walk down Raffles Place (Singapore’s Central Business District)!

Question – Are these guys looking for a soulmate or are they looking for another piece of accessory? Well, of course, not all ladies are angels too. But there’s another blog entry altogether…

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