I was on the phone with one of my partners today. We now regard all our Lunch Actually members/clients as partners. Yes – because we are working on the same side, and we are on the same team – which is to widen their social circle, in view of finding that special someone.

Anyway, let’s call her Ms. Sophisticated. She’s attractive, well-groomed, and she speaks very well. She reminds me of one of those ladies who appear in Tatler. Ms. Sophisticated started telling me about her date. At LA, this is what we call the feedback session where our partners tell us how their date went, so we can help to fine tune the matching criteria. It was her first match, and from the sound of it, it went pretty well! They had a great conversation going, they had lots in common. They swapped stories about family and friends.

The restaurant’s food service was good. Even though the restaurant forgot to split the bill, it was not too awkward (it can be quite embarrassing sometimes, as couples on dates are supposed to go dutch, hence the splitting of bills, if not the guys are always feel as if they are pressured to pay), as the guy offered to pay graciously although, they initially agreed to go dutch. So the guy scored A+ there. Let’s call the guy Mr. Gentlemanly. After dinner, they even went out for drinks. Ms. Sophisticated being the new-age modern woman offered to pick up the tabs this time. And then, Mr. Gentlemanly sent her home, despite nursing a cold and amidst her protests to ask him to go home to rest. What a gentleman! Mr. Sophisticated gave him a whooping 7 out of 10. She said that he was genuine and sincere.

So – sounds like a perfect first date huh? … There’s always a BUT. I knew it was coming.

“So, all in all, Ms. Sophisticated, it went well? Did you exchange contact details?” I asked hopefully. “Yes, we did.” “That’s great then!” “Is there anything you would like to refine in your dating criteria?” I kept my fingers crossed. “Well… he’s… errm, slightly too short.” “Oh.” “I was wearing high heels and I was towering over him. Do you have taller guys?”

It turned out that height is a MUST HAVE for Ms. Sophisticated. I went through her criteria with her over the phone. Turned out that while filling in the forms at our initial consultation, Ms. Sophisticated has put her height criteria as Moderately Flexible. I swiftly changed that to NOT Flexible with a click of a button. So… the search for the perfect match for Ms. Sophisticated continues… Someone like Mr. Gentlemanly but someone who’s taller.

Back to the ‘matching’ board…

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