Watched the finale of “Daejanggeum” last night.

Now… I understand what the fuss is all about. A truly multi-faceted Korean TV Series. Well, not that I have watched that many to compare with. But – this story really has it all – the good, bad and the ugly. And Daejanggeum – through her perserverance, dedication and resilience truimphed through them all, and found true love.

Talking about true love… her lover’s words really touched me. He told the Emperor, “We ran away from the palace when we had the chance. But I knew that Janggeum’s heart and soul is in medicine – to heal people, so we came back. Because of my love for Janggeum, I will help her achieve her dreams of being a royal physician, no matter what that would cost me, even if it means not having her. That’s my love for her.”

When he was thrown out of the palace, Janggeum ran after him, begging him to stay.

He said, “Now that you have received this position, you must know your place. Your place is with the palace, forget about your personal desires and relationships.”

Janggeum asked him, “Can you do it?” He looked at her, his expression blank, “Yes I can. I have already done so.” And he turned away and walked on.

He did this so that Janggeum will forget about him.

To him – love needs not be owning and having that person.

Love is about sacrifice. Love is about helping the other person grow. Love is making sure she achieves her greatest potential.

That’s love.

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