Today, I decided to take a day off. I talked to my ‘Boss’, and he said, “Ya, go ahead… spend some time at home with Babe.” 🙂

Truth is, I did not know how much I needed the day off until I took it.

It’s been a long time since I sat down and watched Babe ate his lunch, helping him clean up whenever the lasagne sauce dripped down his chin. Usually, I am on my way out of the house. Or I will be hurrying ‘kakak’ to feed him so that we can bring him out ‘gai gai’. I have forgotten the many delightful expressions he actually has as he savours his food. Today, he had a treat, yummy lasagne instead of his usual porridge. After lunch, we watched an educational video together. I dozed off a little. But Babe was watching intently. And after the video, he walked to his bed, smothered his face into his favourite pillow, and fell asleep.

He’s still sleeping as I am writing this entry.

I have been so busy in the past weeks… the aftermath of the National Day Rally where there has been a huge focus on our industry. I am grateful for the attention our industry has been getting, as it serves as a reminder that many eligible singles use dating services, and it is just another method to widen their social circles.

However, I might have been so busy that I have forgotten to appreciate the many blessings in my life.

I thank God for giving me an opportunity today, to take a step back and reflect. Babe is only a toddler once. When he grows up, even if I want to spend time with him, he might not want to spend time with me.

Oops… he’s awake now… mummy duty calls! 🙂