Haha… do I sound like a crazy and excited teenager, screaming after meeting my idol? Hehe! 🙂

Anyway, yes, I met Eunice Olsen today as our company has been invited to be featured on Episode 5 of the brand new talk show on Channel 5 – Rouge! (Remember to watch it – it’s screening on Sunday, 6th April)


Have heard so much about Eunice, and have seen so much of her on magazines and TV. For those of you who are not currently in Singapore, read more about Eunice here.

I was never too sure what to think about Eunice, as there had been some not so nice writeups about her especially after she did not attend the swearing-in ceremony after being nominated as a MP. And pretty girls often have it tough, as many people feel that they are just another pretty face.

But anyway… after meeting Eunice today up, close and personal… and being interviewed by her, chatting with her etc., she is just about the most down-to-earth celebrity I have met! She’s personable, affectionate, non-pretentious…

Haha… I do sound like a raving fan right?

But the point is… we should never judge a book by its cover. Often, we box people up. E.g. beauty queens are probably bimbotic, or engineers are boring, or lawyers are crooks… Just like, when we go out on a first date, we should never be too quick to judge, as you never know the person deep within unless you take some time to get to know him/her better. There is often an unpolished gem beneath. 🙂