Dear Friends and Readers,

Meant to blog for the longest time… but just have not found the time and inspiration to…

As promised, to follow up on the last post, here is a photo of the papers.


For those who do not know Chinese, it means, “Marriage agencies start a ‘black list’, the 4 types of blacklisted people revealed” I was seriously shocked to see this… and to appear for this subject matter was not something I have ever foreseen…

When I was a little girl, I always dreamt that perhaps one day, I would be featured on the newspapers.

I am in awe of the people whom I read about, people who have helped to change the world, people who created business empires, people who have been a great inspiration… people who have made a difference.

And I thought… wow… what if one day, I too can go out there and me an agent of change. I wonder what I needed to do to be featured on the newspapers.

I was in primary school then. A local newspaper has a weekly column for kids. And every week, they will have a certain theme… kids can send in their short essay or picture they drew. And if they feel that yours is good and/or unique, they will publish it. I will take part, week after week. And praying that perhaps next week, mine will be published.

I thought my heart will burst with pride when I saw my first ‘article’ published. I was so happy, jumping around, showing the newspaper to my dad and mum.

And as I grew older, I started to write longer articles to submit to the teens column. The feeling of seeing my name in print was so exhilirating that I considered being a journalist. And, to tell you a little secret, I did apply for an internship with a local newspaper. But, my journalistic dreams were shortlived as I was rejected. 🙂

Never in my wildest dreams I thought I will end up as a modern-day matchmaker. And as a result, by a twist of fate, my dream as a little girl did come true. It’s a very surreal feeling actually. Sometimes, I wonder if I am dreaming. 🙂

So like they say, keep the faith, dreams do come true… 🙂

Never stop dreaming…!

Love, Violet

P/S I am off to New York tomorrow, attending the Matchmakers Conference. I will try to blog when I am over there… meanwhile, take care!