Incident 1 

2 weeks back, I was at the KL branch, and my staff told me that a client is on the phone for me.

I was taken by surprise actually. I have not been at the KL branch for some time, hence there usually would not be a client looking for me directly. Nevertheless, I picked up the call, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was Mr. T.

I was like, “Hey, Mr. T, how are you doing?”

“I am good! We are getting married this Oct you know?”

“Yes, yes. You told me.”

“You are invited ya?”

“Yes, yes, I already have it marked down in my calendar!” I said. “Hey! I thought you have registered your marriage earlier this year. No photos-ar?”

“Got got.”

“Why you never send any to me?”

“Aiyah, actually I want to send to you, but I am worried that you will use it for advertisements…”

“Ha? No-la. I will only use for advertisements if you allow me to-la. You think I anyhow will use for advertisements-meh?”

“Hehe, ok ok, I will email to you right away!”

“Ok, good! Hey by the way Mr. T, how come you decide to call me today ar? Did you know that I just happened to get back to KL yesterday.”

“Ooh, is it? I just happened to pass by Plaza Damas, and I thought of you!”

Note: Plaza Damas is where our office is located.

“Oh wow ok! Such a coincidence isn’t it?”

Incident 2

After reading the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin S Sharma, I decided to find out more about meditation, and to incorporate meditation into my daily life.

The only ‘challenge’ that I face is… I have no clue how to meditate. I went through some websites, but frankly, I am not really sure how to go about it.

And then… 2 weeks after I made the decision to find out more about meditation, I met this guy who has been meditating for the last 10 years, and have been teaching meditation all around the world. And he actually gave me a free lesson one day!

I mean… what are the chances of that happening?

Incident 3

I attended National Achievers Congress 2007, and I heard so much about ‘The Secret’. Actually I never heard about ‘The Secret’ till that very point. It got me quite curious actually…

And then 2 weeks later, I met someone who actually handed me a DVD where Oprah interviewed the producer and author of ‘The Secret’.

Stroke of luck or what?


After watching the DVD, I realised that these 3 incidents might not be what we call coincidences after all. It is about the law of the universe, the law of attraction. By giving specific orders and commands to the universe, your thoughts will attract the other thoughts that are vibrating at the same frequency as yours. 

For e.g. My presence in KL gave out certain vibrations to Mr. T who wanted very much to share his happiness with me. My wanting to learn about meditation brought a meditation guru into my life. And because I wanted to know about ‘The Secret’, it has been told to me.

I thought one of the examples given in the interview was pretty good. You know when we are having a tough week, or we are really running low on cashflow, and we say, “If only I can make it through this week…” and usually we do only make it through that week, nothing more, nothing less.

The law of attraction, shared by some of the experts is when your thoughts, your feelings and your actions are congruent. One will not work without the other.

This makes me realise that, the law of attraction is something that we can apply to our dating and love life too. If we keep thinking to ourselves, “Aiyah, all the good men are either married, attached or gay. Good things will never happen to me,” well… you are actually telling the universe that. So even if you make all the efforts in the world e.g. taking part in activities and events etc., but your actions are not congruent with your feelings and thoughts, things just will not work out.

I have been trying to explain to some of my friends and clients about why certain things happen because of their mindset e.g. being positive or being negative. And to a certain extend, I have been quite bewildered why some of my friends try so hard, yet not yielding any results.

E.g. You want to be wealthy, and you work really hard towards it. But somehow, it just does not happen. Then you find out that it is because you have always thought that ‘money is evil’ or ‘rich people are bad’. So of course you want to be good, so you are sabotaging yourself subconsciously as you do not want to be bad or evil.

And now it makes sense. Because our thoughts, feelings and actions are not aligned. Even though our actions are moving us forward, our thoughts and feelings are holding us back. And sometimes, we are not event aware of it, because these are underlying commitments.

Have you experienced anything like that? Do share your thoughts! 🙂